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Patrice CHANZY In SUP Surf Evolution Speciaal

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Geschreven door  05 juli 2013
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Knappe beelden van F-One team rider Patrice Chanzy, must see...

SomeWhere in Da Pacific Patrice CHANZY Surf in Stand Up Paddle Surf, a perfect wave in the pacific. Paradise, so fish, perfect wave, long tube, water so clear. Push the headphone volume for appreciate Music.
Tube in Paddle Surf, Radical turn & Roller. Patrice Chanzy the waterman Water-Patrol for Billabong Pro.
Edited & Underwater-shots by Tim PRUVOST, Additionnal Footages Eric SCHNITZLER, Music by Loren CROSS, Mixed at Studio 540 Mahina Tahiti. Thanks to Tim Mc KENNA.

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