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dinsdag, 21 februari 2017 10:19


Mooie SUP beelden uit Noorwegen...

Å SKJELVE ( norwegian for „to shiver“ ) is a coldwater stand up paddle short documentary, that follows professional german athletes Lena Albrecht ( 2nd German Wave SUP Championship )
and Kai-Nicolas Steimer (1st German SUP Challenge, Overall ) on winterly roadtrip trough Norway.

Being surprised by the extreme coldness of Norway in January, they discover the beauty behind the nature and paddle spots that probably haven´t been paddled by anyone before.

Their Journey took them along the coast, where they catched icy waves, lead them to wild rivers and ended at the largest Glacier of Europe, the Jostedalsbreen. Hiking trough deep snow, they hoped to find a none frozen spot to paddle.

In the end they experienced what real coldness means and had an adventure they will never forget.

Shot & Directed by Maximilian Stolarow
Production Farb Film Fabrik
Sponsored by FANATIC

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vrijdag, 17 juli 2015 13:36

Fanatic Stubby SUP 2016

Fanatic heeft voor 2016 ook een compacte wave sup voorzien, net als de Naish - Starboard - JP , de boardjes zijn op hun best in kleinere condities. Check de video....

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donderdag, 28 augustus 2014 00:00

Fanatic 2015 ProWave video

Prime performance with your ProWave. Riding down the line, the ProWave performs with outstanding flow making light work of BIG conditions! Watch this clip and learn more about this great Wave SUP!


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dinsdag, 12 augustus 2014 00:00

Fanatic 2015 SUP catalogue

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vrijdag, 27 juni 2014 00:00

Kyron and the Chocolate Factory

Fanatic International SUP rider Kyron Rathbone experiences the Benak Tidal Bore in Sri Aman/Malaysia. Kyron surfed the area between Bakong and Sri Aman for the first time ever and set the record for the Benak: a 28 minutes ride on Cadbury Rights! Clip produced by Clément Gargoullaud.

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zaterdag, 03 augustus 2013 07:57

Kai Bates - South Coast Ripper and Art

Knappe wave actie van de jonge Kai Bates, spoel wel de eerste 46 seconden door want dit doet geen eer aan de kwaliteit aan de rest van de video. Enjoy!

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woensdag, 17 juli 2013 07:55

Fly Air Inflatable Range 2014

Fanatic heeft z'n inflatable SUP reeks voor 2014 volledig herbekeken, met 16 boards in de Fly Air reeks is er tegenwoordig voor iedereen een board te vinden.

Check onderstaande presentatie van de nieuwe boards:

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dinsdag, 29 januari 2013 07:16

Fanatic SUP Falcon Race 2013

Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel and SUP R&D Adam Quinn talking about the shape details of our Fanatic Falcon SUP race machines! Footage courtesy of Coma Productions, editing by Carl Nyberg.

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donderdag, 24 januari 2013 12:40

New Fly Air Inflatable Touring

Nieuwe opblaasbare sups van Fanatic: Now available: Fly Air Inflatable Touring Models 11´0” and 12´0”!The ultimate cruising boards for flat water fun, fitness and exploring – but in an easy to transport package, eliminating the hassle of loading long Touring/Raceboards onto your car, just load the back pack size board into your boot and you are set for a world of fun and entertainment!

More info:
Fly Air Inflatable Touring

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zaterdag, 06 oktober 2012 09:46

Fanatic 2013 SUP's

Fanatic brengt in 2013 een zeer uitgebreid aanbod SUP's op de markt, hun race boards zijn compleet nieuw en tevens hebben ze de Wave serie onderhanden genomen met een lichtere bouwwijze. Ziet er allemaal zeer knap uit!

Bekijk hun website voor meer info en check de video hieronder van de mooie race boards.

Link naar de Fanatic website hier... Check it


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