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maandag, 23 maart 2015 00:00

RRD 2015 SUPS - Airace

Nieuwe reeks RACE inflatables van RRD, de bodemvorm is aangepast... check it out. http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/shop/airace-v2/



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vrijdag, 19 september 2014 00:00

Pendleboard project

This is the worlds first half epoxy & half inflatable surfboard invented in Mauritius by Mat Pendle (patent pending). It’s making SUP more accessible, convenient and fun. It rides like a regular board.


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maandag, 01 april 2013 00:00

Freestyle op een inflatable race board?

Een race inflatable kan ook gebruikt worden voor wat freestyle werk, bekijk de video van Philippe Mesmeur en doe wat inspiratie op....

Rider et Montage: Philippe MESMEUR.
SUP de Race mixé d'un peu de Freestyle!
Lieu: Rade de BREST, en face du magasin Side-Shore ( 100 rue des mouettes, 29200 BREST).
Sponsors: Mystic, Naish, Side-Shore Le Shop (blog.side-shore.com/)
-Board Naish ONE 12,6";
-Paddle Naish KAHOLO 8,5 Fixed;
-Wetsuit Mystic GUST 5/4mm;
Tout ça est dispo au Shop de Side-Shore (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. ; Tel :


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donderdag, 24 januari 2013 12:40

New Fly Air Inflatable Touring

Nieuwe opblaasbare sups van Fanatic: Now available: Fly Air Inflatable Touring Models 11´0” and 12´0”!The ultimate cruising boards for flat water fun, fitness and exploring – but in an easy to transport package, eliminating the hassle of loading long Touring/Raceboards onto your car, just load the back pack size board into your boot and you are set for a world of fun and entertainment!

More info:
Fly Air Inflatable Touring

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dinsdag, 06 november 2012 07:30

The battle of the two new inflatables

Een vergelijk tussen twee inflatables, de Naish One 12'6 en de Starboard Astro 12'6.  Beide boards worden gebruikt voor een long distance ene een race wedstrijd.

Enjoy en bekijk onderstaande video.


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woensdag, 26 september 2012 07:27

F-One Matira inflatable SUP's

F-One heeft zijn SUP aanbod uitgebreid met 3 opblaasbare SUP's . De Matira is verkrijgbaar in 8'6x30.5 / 9'6x32 / 10'6x33.

We are more than happy to present you this new range composed of 3 boards: 8'6, 9'6 and 10'6.

With an attractive price (from 849€), this board is the solution for everyone who will be always stopped by the massive size of standard SUP's. Packed, it won't be bigger than a big kite.

Directly inspired from the MANAWA bamboo shape, MATIRA is also a accessible and competitive board that doesn't have nothing to envy to standard SUP's. The DROP STITCH technology and the important thickness of the 10'6 (6 inch) confer the best rigidity.

Perfect for schools and rental, MATIRA resists to any kind of impacts and scratches. Equipped with molded or removable fins, they are safe and unbreakable.

All boards are composed of a SUP, transport bag and pump.

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donderdag, 20 september 2012 07:34

Naish ONE inflatable race SUP

Naish brengt een opblaasbare RACE sup uit, de ONE. Hiermee willen ze het SUP-racen toegankelijk maken voor een breed publiek en zo een eigen "ONE" - class race klasse maken.

Meer info:

The Naish ONE design is the perfect recreational touring board for paddlers of all ages, weights and skill levels. Featuring a refined performance outline, this board is fun, stable and unbelievably fast.

The Naish ONE is the ultimate all-around board and ideal for flatwater adventures, cruising with friends, recreational as well as competitive racing.

The Naish ONE design offers competition in an environment where one can buy a board with confidence, knowing that the design will remain unchanged, guaranteeing his investment and competitive future for years to come. It offers a level playing field where costs are limited.

The Naish ONE has the right length, width, and volume to be accessible, fun, and fast for paddlers of any ability or weight.

lees meer op de NAISH site.

Bezoek de Naish site: http://www.naishsurfing.com/one/

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