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dinsdag, 23 april 2013 07:11


Reflections is een acht minuten durende poëtische SUP film over een man en zijn respect voor de natuur rondom het meer van Genève.Deze man is Zwitserse SUP Race kampioen Steve Fleury, enjoy...

Music by Bulb
Foley by Marie Mazière
Music & foley mix by Eleonora Polato
Text & voice by Steeve Fleury
Camera & edit by Steven Blatter & William Morris

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vrijdag, 29 maart 2013 00:00

Beach race actie

New video of the Paddle to Battle in Australia. We have to admit that the extreme difficulty to stay on a race board in a solid shorebreak offers a fascinating show and we never get tired of it! Good crashes always bring in a lot of attention! Poor guys...

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zondag, 17 maart 2013 10:23

Paddle to Battle MS - 2013

All the action from the Open Mens Elite division at the 2013 Paddle to Battle MS event.

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donderdag, 07 maart 2013 07:35

2013 ISA Men Beach Race final

The video of men beach race the last day of the ISA stand up paddle championships. More on getupsupmag.com
Results : 1 - Casper Steinfath, 2- Jamie Mitchell 3- Dylan Frick 4- Kelly Margetts 5- Paul Jackson 6- Eric Terrien

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woensdag, 13 februari 2013 00:00

The Slingshot Nitro

Slingshot, the kite and wakeboard company, have been slowly

getting in the SUP market and this time, we think it's about to 

take off like a rocket! Slingshot is using their great experience 

in board making to bring us a touring board (amongst others)

that look fun and high quality.

"Three years in development, the Nitro is built for performance touring. This board delivers maximum glide, stability and speed for fitness paddling, recreational racing, or flatwater touring. The Nitro’s displacement bow cuts through the water providing a smooth ride, combined with an innovative double concave planning hull that flows into a slight V in the tail. This shape provides stability, control and helps maintain an efficient stroke. 

Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Nitro is built with Carbon Epoxy Wood Veneer Sandwich construction. (CWVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability, flex and overall strength of the board without adding extra weight. The result is a proven, lightweight, impact resistant board "


More info on http://ride.slingshotsports.com/sup

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woensdag, 06 februari 2013 00:00

BARK: Magic Board

Joe Bark starts 2013 with new board testing and for that he relies on his friend, Quickblade's Jim Terrell to help him pick the fastest most stable board in the bunch to send to Surftech for the 2014 line.

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dinsdag, 29 januari 2013 07:16

Fanatic SUP Falcon Race 2013

Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel and SUP R&D Adam Quinn talking about the shape details of our Fanatic Falcon SUP race machines! Footage courtesy of Coma Productions, editing by Carl Nyberg.

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vrijdag, 25 januari 2013 07:03

2013 SUP Race Calendar

Een overzicht van de 2013 race events:

2013 is going to be a busy year....Here is a first overview of the SUP Races, with focus on Europe (plus the Stand Up World Series), with more event info to follow. Your event is missing? Send us the info to info(at)sup-guide.com


01/26/2013 (DE) German Indoor Championships

02/23/2013 (PE) ISA World Games Peru
02/17/2013 (FR) Howzit Cold Water Race, France : Beach Race *
03/24/2013 (FR) Hobie City Race
03/30/2013 (US) Florida State Championships, Cocoa Beach
04/20/2013 (FR) Jade Paddle Race, France : Long Distance 12’6 (Eurosupa) 
04/25/2013 (AT) Surf Worldcup Podersdorf (until 05/4/2013) SUP Racing tbc
04/26/2013 (ES) Port Adriano SUP Race, Spain : Long Distance **** Elite 12’6
05/04/2012 (DE) SUP Steinlechner-Cup/Utting, Ammersee (Test/Clinic/Sprint&Long Distance Race)
05/12/2013 (DE) SUP Beach Race/surf-Festival, Ostsee
05/18/2013 (NL) Battle of the Coast, Holland : Beach Race * Eurosupa
05/18/2013  (FR) North Point SUP Classic, France : Beach Race * Eurosupa
05/19/2013 (DE) SUP Sunday/Wustrow, Ostsee (Sprint Race/Beach Race)
05/20/2013 (DE) SUP Monday/Wustrow, Ostsee (Test/Clinic/Tour)
05/25/2013 (FR) St. Maxime SUP Race CUP
05/27/2013 (DE) LOST Mills until 06/02/2013 ******
06/7/2013 (ES) Bikingo Eguna, Spain (Eurosupa, tbc)
06/08/2013 (FR) Oleron, France: Stand Up World Tour
06/08/2013 (DE) German Championships, Cologne
06/14/2013 (DE) Hamburg, Stand Up World Tour
06/22/2013 (BE) Happy Summer Namur International SUP Race, Belgium :  Eurosupa Long Distance Elite 14′ – ***** Stars
06/22/2013  (DE) boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See/Düsseldorf (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
06/23/2013  (DE) boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See/Düsseldorf (Test/Clinic/Long  Distance)
06/28/2013 (BVI) HIHO HIHO Adventure Race & US$10000 Painkiller Cup (until 07/06)
06/29/2013 (FR) Massilia SUP Race
06/29/2013 (DE) 3. Nalani Müggelsee SUP Race/Berlin (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
06/30/2013 (DE) 3. Nalani Müggelsee SUP Race/Berlin (Test/Clinic /Long Distance)
06/29/2013 (FR) Massilia SUP Race
07/21/2013 (US) Maui Stand Up World Tour
07/26/2013 (IT) Italia Surf Expo, Italy : Eurosupa Beach Race (Stars tbc)
08/3/2013 (DE) Hamburger SUP Contest/Oortkatensee (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
08/04/2013 (DE) Hamburger SUP Contest/Oortkatensee (Test/Clinic/Long Distance)
08/10/2013 (DE) SUP Terrassenhof-Cup/Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee (Test/Clinic/Tour/Sprint Race)
08/11/2013 (DE) SUP Terrassenhof-Cup/Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee (Test/Clinic/Tour/Long Distance) 
08/24/2013 (DE) Biggesee SUP Days/Sonderner Kopf (Test/Clinic/Tour/Sprint Race)
08/25/2013 (DE) Biggesee SUP Days/Sonderner Kopf (Test/Clinic/Tour /Long Distance)
08/24/2013 (US) Chicago: Stand Up World Tour
08/26/2013 (FR) Howzit Summer Beach Race, France : Beach Race 1 star
08/30/2013 (AT) Austrian Championships
09/01/2013 (CH) Silvaplana SUP Race
09/04/2013 (NL) Eleven City Tour
09/20/2013 (IT) Rome Event One, Italy : Beach Race (date and stars tbc)
09/21/2013 (DE) SUP Nordbad Contest/Tutzing, Starnberger See (Test/Sprint Race/Long Distance)
09/28/2013 (US) Huntington Beach Stand Up World Tour 
10/05/2013 (DE) SUP Chiemsee Insel-Marathon (Test/Clinic/ Long Distance)
11/11/2013 (US) Turtle Bay Finals Stand Up World Tour
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dinsdag, 13 november 2012 12:07

Franse kampioenschappen SUP race

Samenvattende video van de 30km lange Franse kampioenschappen RACE 12'6. Knap gemaakt en mooie beelden. Bekijk de video hieronder , bezoek de website via deze link: http://www.getupsupmag.com/video-les-30-kilometres-du-championnat-de-france-de-sup-race-2012/

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