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zondag, 05 oktober 2014 00:00

Slingshot: Introducing 2015 SUP

HOOD RIVER, Oregon - As the demand for Stand Up Paddleboarding increases we continue to invest in our products and have developed a very focused and functional product line. We have avoided the common mistake of 'line extension' and all of our boards meet a specific need of the paddler. We make it easy for a rider to choose the correct board to enjoy the exciting and diverse sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding.




Nitro 14’0” – Elite Racing/Downwind Performance – Narrow and FAST - New graphics / New sleek lower profile design / Narrower waist

Crossbreed 12’6 and Crossbreed 11’0 – Performance Touring for the recreational paddleboarder - New graphics / New 12.6” size for bigger paddlers

Inflatable Crossbreed 12’6 and 11’0 – Performance Touring for the recreational paddleboarder with inflatable convenience – New Graphics / New AIR_TECH inflatable technology / New 12’.6” size for bigger paddlers

Crossfire 9’4 – Compact All Around with incredible floatation and stability - New graphics / New smaller size that makes it easier to use and transport but, super stable @ 205 liters

Inflatable Compact 9’4 – Compact All Around with inflatable convenience - New board / New graphics / New Inflatable Technology

G’Whiz 9’0 and 8’6 – Crossover (Flatwater and Surf) – The perfect board for the recreational paddleboarder who wants to split their time between the lake and the ocean - New graphics / Replaces the Space Pickle / New 9.0” Size

Rant 8’6 and 8’0 – Performance Surf – For the dedicated surfer who wants the latest in modern SUP/SURF design - New graphics /New sizes / New T-Rex nose shape (Modern Surf)


Slingblade - 100% Carbon cut to length performance paddle

Switchblade - Carbon shaft with fiberglass blade 100% Adjustable

Travel Paddle - Carbon shaft with fiberglass blade - 100% Adjustable and breaks down into 3 pieces for traveling convenience

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donderdag, 15 augustus 2013 16:05

The 2014 Slingshot SUP Maui Shoot

Video met de 2014 Slingshot SUP boards, van Race tot Wave. Het aanbod ziet er voor 2014 zeer mooi uit!

Slingshot's Filmer and Editor Patrick Wieland gives us a first hand look at the 2014 Slingshot SUP shoot on Maui.

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zondag, 28 juli 2013 00:00


A Comprehensive and Focused Line of Boards, Paddles and Accessories.

At Slingshot we are continuously improving and refining our products. Each of our 11 boards have been built to fit a consumer's precise needs and not complicate the board selection process.

New for 2014 - Watch Now.
Race – Nitro 12’.6” / 14’
Meet the Nitro >> https://vimeo.com/68946738

Performance Touring - Crossbreed 11'
Meet the Crossbreed >> https://vimeo.com/70991169

All-Around – Crossfire 11’ & Space Pickle 8’.6” / 9’.4”
Meet the Space Pickle >> https://vimeo.com/69095576

Surf - Rant 8’.4” / 8’.8” / 9’.0”
Meet the Rant >> https://vimeo.com/68875406

Inflatable - Space Cake 7’.10” & Crossbreed 11’
Meet the Space Cake >> https://vimeo.com/70909840
Meet the Crossbreed >> https://vimeo.com/70911390

Check out all our SUP products on our web site. >>;

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dinsdag, 16 juli 2013 07:40

Slingshot 2014 Rant

Slingshot heeft een nieuwe wave sup ontwikkeld: de RANT. Binnenkort meer info hierover bekijk alvast al de onderstaande video met de voorstelling van dit mooie wave board.


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donderdag, 21 februari 2013 00:00

Space Pickle - Surf/Wake/Paddle

We've been having a lot of fun with the Space Pickle this year. Obviously it's great in the surf, but the guys have really been crushing it behind the boat. It's a blast.

uilt for wave riding and high stoke levels the Space Pickle is a carving machine. But, it’s so versatile it performs in flat-water as well.  The board tracks straight and allows you to turn when you want to.  The stability of the board is a combination of the board volume, width, round nose and wide thumb tail. These design features add surface area and lift in the tail for an efficient glide across the water. Due to its aggressive ‘V’ spine the board will easily pivot from side to side in waves or when there is foot pressure close to the rails.
It feels like a long board if you let it go straight but when you want to carve a turn it’s fast like a short board.  Small enough to fit inside a van, stable enough for flat-water and big enough to take on the waves.  An innovative design that enables high performance wave riding and high stoke levels. Made using our Wood Veneer Sandwich construction and Future Response Technology, the Space Pickle is a durable, lightweight surf machine.

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woensdag, 13 februari 2013 00:00

The Slingshot Nitro

Slingshot, the kite and wakeboard company, have been slowly

getting in the SUP market and this time, we think it's about to 

take off like a rocket! Slingshot is using their great experience 

in board making to bring us a touring board (amongst others)

that look fun and high quality.

"Three years in development, the Nitro is built for performance touring. This board delivers maximum glide, stability and speed for fitness paddling, recreational racing, or flatwater touring. The Nitro’s displacement bow cuts through the water providing a smooth ride, combined with an innovative double concave planning hull that flows into a slight V in the tail. This shape provides stability, control and helps maintain an efficient stroke. 

Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Nitro is built with Carbon Epoxy Wood Veneer Sandwich construction. (CWVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability, flex and overall strength of the board without adding extra weight. The result is a proven, lightweight, impact resistant board "


More info on http://ride.slingshotsports.com/sup

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woensdag, 12 september 2012 08:13

Slingshot SUP boards

Slingshot brengt nu ook een complete SUP range uit, longdistance - allround - wave, voor 2013.

Een overzicht:

Crossbreed | Crossover SUP

Size:  11' x 30" 
Designed for flatwater performance yet crosses over to a wide variety of water conditions. The Slingshot Crossbreed SUP packs in a ton of performance offering maximum speed, efficiency and stability on flatwater while easily handling knee high to shoulder high surf.  The Crossbreed is ahead of the pack.

Crossfire | Crossover SUP

Size:  11' x 30" 
The Crossfire is designed for stability and changing water conditions.

It can play in small waves, choppy water or cruise in glassy conditions. This board is versatile, durable and a great value. The Crossfire is built to be fun for any rider. Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology, the Crossfire is built with Fiberglass Laminated Sandwich Construction (FLS). This technology incorporates a unique layering technique of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Combine that with an EPS foam core and reinforced wood deck, this board is impact resistant, incredibly durable and a better value sandwich laminated board.

Space Pickle | Surf SUP

Sizes: 7'6" and  8'6"

You've never seen a board like the Space Pickle.  An all new ultra-wide thumb tail design that's sure to take your wave riding to the next level.

Meer info op: http://ride.slingshotsports.com/sup

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