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zondag, 18 augustus 2013 08:41

End of Summer

Mooie slow mo actie van Australian Paddle Surfer , check hun website voor meer...http://www.australianpaddlesurfer.com.au/

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dinsdag, 13 augustus 2013 07:45

Kody Kerbox's Summer Training

Check out what my summer training consisted of this year! It sure was fun! Trying to savor these last few days on Maui before its off to the mainland for awhile


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donderdag, 08 augustus 2013 07:32

Big SUPday in Cape Town

Big messy day on the West Coast of South Africa - Chris and Greg Bertish tackle sizy surf on their big wave SUP guns. Onshore winds and mangled seas filmed into the afternoon sunlight makes for silvery black and white effect - enjoy! PS: Chris is on his forehand while Greg is on his backhand.

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zaterdag, 03 augustus 2013 07:57

Kai Bates - South Coast Ripper and Art

Knappe wave actie van de jonge Kai Bates, spoel wel de eerste 46 seconden door want dit doet geen eer aan de kwaliteit aan de rest van de video. Enjoy!

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donderdag, 25 juli 2013 07:43

Siam Park from the Sky

Siam Park in Tenerife, een bijzonder mooie wave tank waarop vlot geSUPed kan worden. Check it out...

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woensdag, 24 juli 2013 11:27

2nd home

Wave actie @ de Baskische kust, relax & nice soundtrack. Enjoy.

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vrijdag, 19 juli 2013 07:28

Tube rides

The Vaz brothers and Go Gordo riding some nice tubes.... enjoy the ride.


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vrijdag, 05 juli 2013 00:00

Patrice CHANZY In SUP Surf Evolution

Knappe beelden van F-One team rider Patrice Chanzy, must see...

SomeWhere in Da Pacific Patrice CHANZY Surf in Stand Up Paddle Surf, a perfect wave in the pacific. Paradise, so fish, perfect wave, long tube, water so clear. Push the headphone volume for appreciate Music.
Tube in Paddle Surf, Radical turn & Roller. Patrice Chanzy the waterman Water-Patrol for Billabong Pro.
Edited & Underwater-shots by Tim PRUVOST, Additionnal Footages Eric SCHNITZLER, Music by Loren CROSS, Mixed at Studio 540 Mahina Tahiti. Thanks to Tim Mc KENNA.

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donderdag, 04 juli 2013 07:59

Brasil wave rider

Nog een surfer die het wave sup'en ontdekt heeft, vloeiende rides...

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dinsdag, 02 juli 2013 00:00

Zane Schweitzer Spring Sessions

Starboard Team Rider Zane Schweitzer shows some of his best moments of Early Spring 2013.

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