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zaterdag, 13 mei 2017 00:00

Naish 2018 Thrust Surf foil

Naish komt voor 2018 uit met enkele SUP foil nieuwigheden. Specifieke Sup Wave Foil boards en foils met hoger aspect ratio waardoor je op lagere snelheid meer lift krijgt.


In a continuing collaboration with Kai Lenny and Naish’s talented team of designers, we are stoked to unveil the 2018 Thrust Surf foil.

Versatility is embeded in this revolutionary new design and can be ridden in a wide range of disciplines. With its low aspect wing that provides great lift at low speed, this foil is great for surf, downwind and even windsurf foiling. While the mast comes with our new 4-bolt base plate, the Thrust Surf foil adapts to fit any style box with ease.

Along with the foil Naish is also launching several new boards in both SUP and surfboard shapes. The Hover crossover will be the ultimate do-it all board. Coming in a user friendly shape for foil SUP, SUP, foil windsurfing, and regular windsurfing!

The Naish team has been busy producing the next generation of foils and all very excited to share the experience. Designed and tested on Maui, the Thrust Surf foil performs amazingly well in an incredible range of waves and conditions. Discover the unlimited possibilities that foiling allows with the new Naish Thrust Surf foil. Coming soon to a Naish dealer near you!


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vrijdag, 05 mei 2017 00:00

Battle of the Coast 2017

The Battle of the Coast in The Netherlands is an international known Stand Up Paddle board event were water athletes from first timers till pro’s compete against each other in various beach race formats.

“When I hear ‘ beach race’  I immediately picture an entertaining day on the water. Straight away it takes you to a fun place. Instantly the event is associated with something cool. All we need is some water, a beach for the start and finish, and a few buoy turns.” (posted January 11th, 2017 by Christopher Parker)

The Battle of the coast ( aka BOTC) will be held at The Spot Watersport center & Beach club in Zandvoort at June 4 and 5th 2017.

The weekend will feature 3 technical and distance races for both pro and fun athletes; The open NK Beach race, downwinder and sprint.

We host prone and surf ski divisions, the Fanatic demo zone, The Spot sup & kids clinics and much more Aloha fun, food, campfire and life music.

One of the goals of BOTC is to reward the best overall standup racers. For both men and women the overall champion will be rewarded by the best result combining all races.

Next to everlasting fame and fortune there are official titles to win!

·       Official NK title + ISA qualifier ( wins beach race) 


·       Overall BOTC winner (best out of 3 races)


·       Separate price giving for prone and surf ski division


Make sure you gain a starting ticket and compete in one off the most exiting Dutch Stand up paddle board events at the beach.


-       Register now at www.battleofthecoast.nl


You do not want to paddle?

No worries! DO visit the event venue and meet all riders, check or test new gear and cheer for your favorite athletes from the stylish beach club outdoor lounge zone.


BOTC has a free entrance policy for good fellows, friends & family.

The 2017 BOTC wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and partners. Big thanks to Fanatic, ION, The Spot, Red bull, Brandbox.

For questions, contact: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

http://www.supracer.com/wp-content/themes/beach/images/bgbottom.pngPROGRAM JUNE 4 & 5th








*due to actual weather expectations the race program will be fitted to the two race days. We kindly ask all competitors to check the event FB page for the last information. We will strive to let everyone know as soon as possible what race will be held on what day.















For places to sleep in Zandvoort & around please check http://www.vvvzandvoort.nl/

or www.centerparks.nl or  https://www.campingdelakens.nl/ or www.campingdebranding.nl



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