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woensdag, 23 april 2014 13:25

Naish 2015 Race Boards

Er duiken overal op het net al foto's op van de Naish team riders op hun nieuwe 2015 Raceboards, in Abu Dabi was het voltallige team uitgerust met de nieuwe 12'6 LE boards.











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Mooie beelden, mooi race board, mooie omgeving,..... enjoy!


Casper preparing for the 2014 Stand Up World Series in Greece on his Naish 12'6 Javelin LE.

filmed by Joachim Bech/ Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.
edited by Steinkopp Procuctions

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donderdag, 06 februari 2014 08:04

Kody Kerbox on Fire!

Kody Kerbox is on fire these days! Watch as he takes stand up paddling to new heights as one of the most talented athletes in the world. It’s obvious he’s pretty popular with the waves, but what’s really enviable is how this rippers style progresses by the day. Check it out!
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maandag, 30 september 2013 17:43

Few Days of Fun

This little vid was filmed over a couple of days on the Gold Coast had some fun little waves riding the Naish Hokua LE 8'0, thank you Naish Australia and Surf fx loving the boards they are EPIC!!, and also thank you Brendan Smith and Corey MIlls for filming.

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vrijdag, 20 september 2013 08:15

2014 Hokua LE 8'10" and Mana 8'5" GT

Nicedown under video from Naish:

Had a fun session this morning on both the 2014 Naish Hokua LE 8'10" and the 2014 Mana GT 8'5". Here's the quick GoPro action I captured. Nice waves, and awesome warm water. Yew!!

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woensdag, 04 september 2013 00:00

SUP with Dolphins

Relax met de mooie beelden en muziek op deze video uit Australië, hier is het nog even wachten voor we terug wat golven kunnen verwachten.


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zondag, 25 augustus 2013 09:30

Naish 2014 SUP website

Naish heeft z'n nieuwe 2014 SUP website online gezet, je kan er een overzicht krijgen van het zeer ruime aanbod voor 2014. Nieuw zijn oa de Kokua LE reeks, die uiterst licht en performant zijn. Check it out hier: http://naishsurfing.com

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maandag, 15 juli 2013 12:26

Uitslag Naish N1SCO @ Brugge 2013

Gisteren, zondag 14 juli, vond te Brugge de eerste Belgische editie van de NAish Benelux N1SCO sprint race plaats. Een mooi initiatief die het suppen in een aantrekkelijk kader aan het publiek wil tonen. Op deze eerste editie stonden 35 suppers aan de start waaronder enkele Nederlandse toppers.

Het one on one eliminatie syteem maakt deze races spannend voor de deelnemers en bijzonder aantrekkelijk voor de toeschouwers.

Na 3 uren race zijn dit de resultaten:



1Maurice Both, 2 Ard Rietveld, 3 Lars Velthof




Dames: 1 Carla Schellart, 2 Caroline/Stephanie, 3 Ellen De Plas

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zondag, 14 juli 2013 20:34

Foto's Naish NISCO @ Brugge 2013

Foto's van de Naish N1SCO @ Brugge 2013 kan je in onze gallery vinden, check de link: http://isup.be/gallery/brugge-naish-nisco-2013

Morgen staat er een verslag online van deze geslaagde wedstrijd!


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donderdag, 25 april 2013 07:29

"So far so good!" Robby Naish at 50

Wave-riding legend Robby Naish turns 50 on April 23 and we had a chat about kids, SUP and BBQs...

Could you try to put into words what the ocean means to you?
When boardriding, it’s probably the sense of walking on water to a degree, and the freedom that comes with it is very unique. It’s just you and nature… no motors, no lifts.

You became a father at age 18 and you also used to be a babysitter as a teenager. Are you easy around kids and what does their presence do to you?
I do like kids, though I am not really the world’s most patient person. I love to hang out with young people, and most of my friends are not quite my age…

You are known as one of the advocates of stand-up paddling. Were you hooked the first time you tried it yourself or did it take a while to grow on you?
It took a little while. Initially SUP started out with a few guys taking paddles out on their 12 footers. I made a couple of 12 footers that I was surfing with, and tried paddling early on but did not get too thrilled by it. In the beginning the SUP thing was more of a novelty than anything. Slowly a few more guys began to get into it, and here on the North Shore of Maui the “downwinder” began.

Read more here.....

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