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donderdag, 02 juli 2015 16:35

Wave SUP Secret Spot in Wales

After months of swell famine, Dale and Will finally get a usable SUP surfing forecast so they decent on a reliable South Wales slab to test drive the then new 8'6'' x 28'' Loco Comp Pro paddle board. Considering it was Will's first time out on the board the rest of the team were quite impressed with how he got on.

The board has been rebranded to El Diablo for 2016 and is now available to pre-order in bulletproof bamboo sandwich or lightweight carbon over PVC. Find out more at locosurfing.com

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woensdag, 24 juni 2015 13:31

Go Wide, Go Better. Naish Hokua x32

De laatste dagen worden wij ook getracteerd op mooie swell, in de Middellandse Zee is het net iets mooier...

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woensdag, 17 juni 2015 00:00

10ft of fun

Zeer mooie longboard style actie video, ... terug naar de sup roots. Check it!

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dinsdag, 16 juni 2015 14:03

Winter Solace with Kai Bates

Mooie wave SUP actie van down under, Kai & Forrest ventured into the bush on the far south coast and this what they found.

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woensdag, 03 juni 2015 07:16

2015 Tahiti Pro Final SUWT

Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) wins the 2015 #SapinusPro - In an exciting and extremely close final that was lead by Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) for the majority of the heat, Maui born Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) was able to dig deep and find one of the best waves of the day in the dying minutes of the heat to score a 9.33 to secure a well deserved win. Zane now shoots into 2nd overall on the World Rankings, with Caio Vaz now taking the lead backing up a second at Sunset with a second here in Tahiti.

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De VAZ broertjes tonen ons weeral hun kunnen in de golven, check it out!


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zaterdag, 23 mei 2015 08:58

SUWT returns to #Tahiti

De Stand Up World Tour bezoekt opnieuw Tahiti, bekijk alvast de beelden van vorig jaar om een idee te krijgen hoe extreem het er kan aan toe gaan. Check: http://watermanleague.com/tahiti-best-of-moments

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zondag, 03 mei 2015 00:00

ISUP Belgian Open 2015 Uitslag

Ondanks het voorspelde slechte weer, konden we toch rekenen op een mooi aantal gemotiveerde deelnemers voor de derde editie van de iSUP open @ Twins Club. Gestart met een gewijzigde Beach Race parcours die intotaal 8,5 km lang was kon er ook een wave wedstrijd doorgaan met mooie condities.


Foto's van event kan je hier vinden: http://isup.be/gallery/isupbe-open-2015


DIt zijn de resultaten:




1) Hub Deckers (NL) - JP/NP

2) Kjel de Bruyn - Pacific Board Shop

3) Erwin Renders - Bleu Beach

4) Dirk De Beuf - JP / Fly High

5) Hans Peeters

6) Pascal Bleys - Fanatic / Supshop.be

7) Thomas Berghmans - Starboard

8) Niels Vanden Eynden - Supshop.be

9) Gregory Buydts

10) Corinne Piquer - Starboard - O'neil

11) Vincent Claeskens

12) Olivier Decroly

13) Jill Carton




1) Hub Deckers (NL) - JP/NP

2) Hans Peeters

3) Kjel de Bruyn - Pacific Board Shop

4) Aaron Gyde - Supshop.be - Naish - Bomber

5) Thomas Berghmans - Starboard

6) Niels Vanden Eynden - Supshop.be

7) Michel Baeten

8) Gregory Buydts

8) Olivier Decroly

10) Corinne Piquer - Starboard - O'neil

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OAHU, Hawaii - Mo Freitas is a major threat in the SUP world. He excels in both SUP racing and SUP surfing at the ripe young age of 18 years-old. The kid has talent, plain and simple.

In the video below watch crazy SUP surfing from young Mo Freitas and Starboard's Giorgio Gomez in big and small waves at home in Hawaii, Mo getting hurt just 2 weeks before the season opener at the Sunset Beach Pro, the recovery, his girl love and his love for surfing and editing is all showing evident in his latest edit, Modern Productions 15.3 episode 12 winter surf 2014/2015.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of Mo's skills!

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woensdag, 22 april 2015 12:23

New Age II | The Vaz Brothers

De Vaz broertjes toenen ons weeral hun extreme wave sup skils, check it out:


Some exclusive videos from our latest's Surf Trips ,
Starting in Hawaii , Then Mexico ending in Indo / El Salvador!
Enjoy !!!

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