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maandag, 25 februari 2013 08:03

Sup in North Spain

Mooie wave actie in het noorden van Spanje, in Gijón Asturias , opgelet voor de rotsen....

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donderdag, 14 februari 2013 00:00

SUWT Sunset Beach: highlight video

The best SUP  wave riders in the world were pretty spoiled by

mother nature in the last few days, with some big swells hitting 

Sunset Beach!

Link naar video reports hier: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWatermanLeague?feature=watch

The contest went throught the first few tours already

and some names are already starting to stand out with some pretty

high scores: Dave Muir, Kai Lenny, Keahi de Aboitiz, Bonga Perkins,

Ian Vaz, Robin Johnston, Ikaika Kalama, Kala Alexander and the very

surprising Casper Steinfath will have gotten the best scores in the first 

round and the event winner might very well be amongst these names!

But we could have a surprise: the australian Beau Nixon and Justin Holland,

as well as Mo Freitas and the legend Aaron Napoleon also made a great

impression on Staurday.

The contest is on hold for now, waiting for better conditions. Next call will be

at 7 am on Tuesday morning, but the organizers are looking more into Wednesday

morning, as a new swell should fill in. Stay tuned!

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vrijdag, 08 februari 2013 07:24

Moving Pictures

GoPro slow motion action, A picture tells a thousand words, a moving one even more.

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woensdag, 23 januari 2013 07:21

Makaha Standup Paddle Board

Knappe actie beelden om de kou hier wat te vergeten....

Epic Day at Makaha, Hawaii. 8 -12ft+. Paddle boarders competing at the Quicksilver Standup Paddle competition.

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woensdag, 14 november 2012 11:35

Huge waves smash the Med

When you think of the Mediterranean, it's not often you think of a solid 7 foot, meaty swell rolling in! So when Julien Taboulet of Naish Stand up paddle saw the outside wave bouys hitting 6.9m, he didn't hesitate to grab a little 8'5" Hokua and hit the beach. We're thankful he did! 

These are great photos, and it just goes to show how far the sport of stand up paddling has come since it hit the big time a few years ago. Can you imaging if these images popped up in 2005? The surfing world would have gone nuts with questions about who on earth this guy was out in such big waves, with a tiny little board and a canoe paddle in his hands. Now, the sport is instantly recognisable and fast becoming a household name. 

Here's what Julien had to say about the day: 

”Sometimes, the Mediterranean sea can be on fire, Argeles Sur Mer is a nice village close to the spanish border, 30km down to Leucate. The outside buoy had registred 6,9M swell max this day, with 10 second of period!!!! Naish Hokua 8’5, small quad, that was a good ride…;)"

Check out the Naish Facebook page for more pics!

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zondag, 30 september 2012 09:18

Kai Lenny - Cabo Verde

This film was made out of a few shots taken from the shore at Curral Joul on Sal, Cabo Verde.

Music: Sigur Ros
Rider: Kai Lenny of Naish International

Check de video hieronder...

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donderdag, 20 september 2012 18:19

How to begin in waves

Instructie hoe je het best een golf kan nemen en op surfen...


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