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maandag, 27 februari 2017 00:00

Wedstijden 2017

Tom heeft een overzicht gemaakt van alle wedstrijden voor het 2017 SUP seizoen.

Wij organiesren samen met Twins Club terug het BK wave, de voorziene waihing period is :  13-14/05 + 20-21/05 + 3-5/06

Binnenkort meer info oiver het 2017 BK WAVE

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dinsdag, 21 februari 2017 10:19


Mooie SUP beelden uit Noorwegen...

Å SKJELVE ( norwegian for „to shiver“ ) is a coldwater stand up paddle short documentary, that follows professional german athletes Lena Albrecht ( 2nd German Wave SUP Championship )
and Kai-Nicolas Steimer (1st German SUP Challenge, Overall ) on winterly roadtrip trough Norway.

Being surprised by the extreme coldness of Norway in January, they discover the beauty behind the nature and paddle spots that probably haven´t been paddled by anyone before.

Their Journey took them along the coast, where they catched icy waves, lead them to wild rivers and ended at the largest Glacier of Europe, the Jostedalsbreen. Hiking trough deep snow, they hoped to find a none frozen spot to paddle.

In the end they experienced what real coldness means and had an adventure they will never forget.

Shot & Directed by Maximilian Stolarow
Production Farb Film Fabrik
Sponsored by FANATIC

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donderdag, 10 november 2016 07:41


Introducing the SUP Domestic Racer Program


=> Locale Naish riders gezocht:

Just in time for the holidays, Naish is making it even easier to get your hands on that top-of-the-line race board you’ve been eyeing.

Introducing the SUP Domestic Racer Program. For a limited time*, everyone from the most dedicated racers to entry level race enthusiasts are invited to take advantage of special team rider pricing on the most coveted elite race equipment**. Join the best athletes in the world—like Kai Lenny and Casper Steinfath—in riding these expertly engineered shapes and maximize the power behind your every stroke.

Participation is simple. Those interested need only fill out the online form to be contacted by their local Naish rep.

Click HERE to take your riding to the next level »


*ORDER MUST BE PLACED BY January 1st, 2017. Sign-up while supplies last.
**Exclusions apply. See website for details.
For more program info, visit: naishsup.com/sup-domestic-racer-program/

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zaterdag, 05 november 2016 00:00

F-One: Stairway to SUPing heaven

De nieuwe F-One 2017 SUP boards staan online,  dit jaar is er heel wat gewijzigd. Alle boards zijn vernieuwd en er is heel wat nieuws toegevoegd voor de wave- en race suppers.


je kan een mooi overzicht krijgen via deze link:


Whether if you are a cruiser, surfer, racer, foiler, yoga boarder our 2017 collection has what it takes to win your SUP boarder's heart.
Papenoo, Noosa, Ocean and Magic are our latest additions and offer many more opportunities to enjoy the wilderness.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the new catalogue.
There is a board out there waiting for you.



Online catalogus hier te vinden: http://collection-2017-en.f-onesup.com/


De 1017 SUP website kan je hier vinden: http://www.f-onesup.com/

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dinsdag, 04 oktober 2016 00:00

The Power of Choice | NAISH SUP 2017

Overzicht van de nieuwe Naish 2017 SUP's. Heel wat moois in het aanbod...


At Naish, we know it’s not enough to have a sizeable selection—it’s about having the right selection, so you can make the most of every moment on the water. With the new Quest Series, new constructions, fine-tuned paddles, a SUP foil and much more, you’ll find the best option for any variety of condition, skill set or budget.

When it comes to SUP, quality of choice matters and Naish goes the extra mile—in shaping, construction and materials—to create products that deliver peak performance. Get the most out of every session; choose Naish, for the ride of your life.


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donderdag, 22 september 2016 07:14


Kitefoil, Supfoil, Windfoil… F-One heeft voor alle diciplines de juiste foils en boards.


Enter the world of foiling and discover the F-ONE range developed to make you fly above the water whatever your discipline.  Get ready to get some Air!

WARNING: Foiling can be very addictive, don’t start practicing unless you are ready to fall in love with a new sensation!

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woensdag, 31 augustus 2016 08:18

Naish Javelin Maliko 2017 Review

Mooi video testverslag van de nieuwe 2017 NAish Maliko,...

Check out the all new 2017 Naish Javelin Maliko. After the great success of the 2016 Maliko it's back in force and with some great refinements for 2017 it's going to be a great step forwards.

Join Chris Sal & Warwick Lee from the KR SUP CENTRE as they step you through all the changes and improvements.

Head to krsupcentre.com.au for more info!

Film & Edit - JP Ungar

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donderdag, 21 juli 2016 17:27

F-One Foil website online

ENTER THE NEW ERA OF FOILING!!! F-One heeft een 100% foil website online, check de niuewe SUP foils...


Discover our NEW WEBSITE 100% dedicated to KITEFOIL - WINDFOIL and SUPFOIL!


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F-One heeft voor 2017 een complete reeks SUPfoil boards and foils klaar, hun ruime ervaring in KITEfoils was de ideale basis specifieke SUP foils te ontwikkelen. Er komt een Wave, Allround en RAce board uit die uitgerust kunnne worden met een 75cm mast en een eigen specifieke vleugel varieerend tussen 1000 en 9000.

Meer info kan je hier vinden: http://bayareakitesurf.com/2016/06/30/introducing-f-one-sup-foil-the-foiling-revolution-is-marching-on/


SupFoil Boards:

1- PAPENOO – Convertible SupFoil Boards 7’7 & 7’11

2- MAGIC – Dedicated Surfing SupFoil boards 8’6 & 9’6

3- OCEAN – Dedicated Downwind Racing SupFoil board 10′



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Naish komt dit najaar uit met een eigen Hydrofoil specifiek voor SUP en een specifiek board ( 10'4 ) voor gebruik op zee - downwind:


Meer info hier: http://www.naishsurfing.com/2017-malolo-sup-foilboard-hydrofoil/


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