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Geschreven door  24 juli 2014
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Last Sunday’s Maui Paddleboard Race was an instant classic.

Courtesy of a gnarly storm that ripped through the north shore of Maui Saturday night, Maliko Gulch was almost unrecognisable on Sunday morning. The race was very nearly called off but fortunately it wasn’t, because for the 100 brave souls that ventured out there were some epic memories on offer.

The race quite literally became Victory At Sea.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the Maui Paddleboard Race pics, recap and results but now here’s the video of it all. Thanks to Buzzy Kerbox, who was on the ski following his son Kody, we get an inside look at the race.

This was certainly the craziest downwind paddle I’ve ever done and I’m pretty sure most of the other competitors would agree.

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