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Lazy Sunday's: Blue Zone Costa Rica Speciaal

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Geschreven door  24 februari 2013
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Weeral Lazy Sunday's video vandaag, met het aanhoudende winterweer kunnen wij alleen maar dromen van de omstandigheden in de video uit Costa Rica...enjoy!The title of this article might surprise you a bit, so we have to explain it:

A "Blue Zone" is a concept used to identify a geographic and/or demographic

zone  where people live significantly longer than average.

There are 5 Blue Zones, in the world: Sardaigne, in Italy, Okinawa in Japan,

Loma Linda in California, Icaria in Greece... and the Nicoya peninsula

in Costa Rica!

This last Blue Zone is well known for its beautiful waves, its warm water

and lush nature. Even if outliving everyone you know isn't a goal of yours,

a little trip in Costa Rica could still be interesting!


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