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SUP and Kitesurfing w/ Airton Cozzolino & Kai Lenny Speciaal

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Geschreven door  21 mei 2013
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The situation is simple: Airton Cozzolino, Cabo Verde kitesurfing star, decided to give SUPing a good try after his wave World Title at the KSP in 2011. When he tries something, he tries it seriously: going straight on international competitions with the support of Fanatic and Ion but also with the support of his sponsor Red Bull, which ia also Kai Lenny's sponsor.

Airton has the great idea to hang out with the best in the domain and decided to take an intensive SUP seminar with the double world champion Kai Lenny.

The result? a nice video in which we can take a look at Kai's daily training with his coach Scott Sanchez (MPG), then a demonstration of the Hawaiian at his best with, amongst others, a beautiful 360 backside air. You will notice that the prestation of Airton in the discipline is far from being ridiculous and that the boy could make some waves in the pro tour soon...

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