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Kai Lenny wins the #1 place.

HOME: Maui, Hawaii

SPONSORS: Naish, Redbull, GoPro


• 2013 Sunset Beach Pro, 1st Place (3-time Winner)
• 2012 Standup World Series World Champion
• Two-time Standup World Tour World Champion

QUOTE: "Stand Up Paddling has been a major provider for me to live my dreams! My dream has always been to be a multiple world champion and, thanks to SUP, I've achieved three SUP world Titles one in race and two in wave. Beyond all things SUP just makes me happy, keeps me healthy and there is no end to its progression."

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After having won the 2011 Kitesurf Wave World Championship, Airton Cozzolino is setting his sights even higher: he is trying to make his way in the SUP championships with the help of 3X Stand Up Paddling world champion Kenny Lai. In the third episode, Airton and Kai do all the fun activities available in Maui: SUP, surfing, Jet Skis, Skateboarding, canoe paddling and.. Hawaiian barbecue! The Sunset contest is getting closer and Airton is finally ready to compete.


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The situation is simple: Airton Cozzolino, Cabo Verde kitesurfing star, decided to give SUPing a good try after his wave World Title at the KSP in 2011. When he tries something, he tries it seriously: going straight on international competitions with the support of Fanatic and Ion but also with the support of his sponsor Red Bull, which ia also Kai Lenny's sponsor.

Airton has the great idea to hang out with the best in the domain and decided to take an intensive SUP seminar with the double world champion Kai Lenny.

The result? a nice video in which we can take a look at Kai's daily training with his coach Scott Sanchez (MPG), then a demonstration of the Hawaiian at his best with, amongst others, a beautiful 360 backside air. You will notice that the prestation of Airton in the discipline is far from being ridiculous and that the boy could make some waves in the pro tour soon...

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zondag, 12 mei 2013 08:19

Kai Lenny in Brazil

Kai competes in Brazil in the Ubatuba Itamabuca Pro Stop #2 on the SUPWT. This is all of the waves Kai caught up until the Semi Finals.


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vrijdag, 05 april 2013 00:00

The Rides We Love: Kai Lenny

Standup paddlers charge hard, whether its barrels, long bump glides, cleanly run rapids, big drops or, sometimes, the wipeouts that are part of it all. In that vein, check out SUP magazine's RIDES series, where we pay homage to the skill, and the spills, that make SUP great.
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Bekijk Naish riders Kai Lenny, Casper Steinfath en Arnaud Frennet tijdens hun eerste dag op de Aragas Magallanes Paddle Challenge in Chili.

Het lijkt erop dat iedereen een super tijd had!

Zie de video hieronder

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One thing done: Kai Lenny wins the Sunset Beach Pro, and in a beautiful way.

Risk taking, energy, and just enough aggressivity were the only way for him to

win with the extremely high level of the riders this year,

Nice performance also from the localRobin Johnston who climbs up to a well deserved

second place, with his spot knowledge and his commitment.  Wonderful third place of

Kody Kerbox, from Maui, another youngster who will have shown his value and his great 

riding level.

We will remember the biggest tube of the contest, by the local Kala Alexander!

Here are a few photos, brought to you by Naish and the recap video of the event!

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vrijdag, 09 november 2012 07:22

Kai Lenny Rincon Nov 12'

Lenny couldn't resist the chance to session Bells Beach

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 November, 2012 : - - Champion Hawaiian Stand Up Paddle surfer Kai Lenny made a surprise hit and run visit to Bells Beach today and despite the surf being only 0.5m (1 to 2 feet), Lenny could not resist the opportunity to sample the waves on his small 7'4 board. 'Bells is such a special venue in surfing, there's been epic competitive battles go down here and I've watched the event at Easter on TV and I know what a special lace it is' said Lenny.

"Even though today was small it was super fun and actually good practice for me as shortly  head to Brazil for a major event and the waves there will also be small.... I know when it breaks bigger that this place would be ideal for Stand Up Paddle - for short boards it sometimes get's a little thick through the mid stage of the wave but on a Stand Up those sections are ideal for hitting hard with big manoeuvres - It would be amazing to one day see a high level world tour Stand Up Paddle  event here as well!"

Shortly after his surf today Lenny spoke at Surfworld Surfing Museum in Torquay then he was off to Adelaide on his whirlwind tour of Australia which will last about a week in total. The 20 year -old Hawaiian has already  won two World Titles in Stand Up Paddle and his skills across Stand Up Paddle, Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing are world renown.

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Join Robby Naish, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langeree on their incredible SUP tour through the awe-inspiring scenery Alaska has to offer. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Riders: Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, Kevin Langeree
Filming/Editing: Poor Boyz Productions

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Kai Lenny (Naish) en Anabel Anderson (Starboard) hebben de World Champion Finals 2012 gewonnen in Turtle Bay , Hawaii.

Ze hebben zich dus gekroond tot wereld kampioen 2012 in de race klasse.

Kai op zijn Javelin 12'6 LE.

De eerste Europeaan was Eric Terrien (FRA) (BIC SUP) op de 4e plaats.

Lees een kort verslag op 


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