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dinsdag, 14 mei 2013 13:46

Casper Steinfath - La Costa Perdida

Casper Steinfath adventures into the wilderness after taking 1'st at the 2013 ISA World Championships in Peru.


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zondag, 12 mei 2013 08:19

Kai Lenny in Brazil

Kai competes in Brazil in the Ubatuba Itamabuca Pro Stop #2 on the SUPWT. This is all of the waves Kai caught up until the Semi Finals.


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dinsdag, 07 mei 2013 11:48

Stand Up Paddling on the Bar

Het wordt stilaan tijd dat er hier nog eens een vette swell op ons afkomt, ondertussen kunnen we alleen maar dromen van de perfecte condities, zie de video hieronder en enjoy!

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dinsdag, 30 april 2013 07:29

Mini SUP's Simon Style...

Een interessante evolutie...

Many brands and shapers are trying to bring down their boards' size to give them a better "shortboard" feel, but also make them more maneuverable and easier to transport!

The balance is hard to find between being able to do tight turns and keep a minimum of floatability, since we're not all skinny light riders.

Some brands keep working hard to keep looking for the perfect alchemy and it is the case with Infinity Surfboards and the "Mini Simmons" line, a few 7'2" by 28.5", developped by the Californian rider Dave Boehne, who's working hard to bring the Mini SUPs into the main stream.


Dave Boehne riding the Mini Simmons inspired Infinity Phoenix V2 Model. 7'2" x 28.5" x 4" x 95L x Twin Fin.

This was a beautiful day but the waves were pretty gutless. 1-2" with occasional 3' sets... You can see this board planes quite fast with little effort and whips around turns in flat, soft waves. The Phoenix makes average days into FUN days... Short, stable, fast, skatey ride...

for more info:
INSTAGRAM: infinity_sup
TWITTER: @theinfintree


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zaterdag, 13 april 2013 00:00

SUP Surfing Sessions Road Tripping

A short video of Roger Saunders aka "Dogman" as he travels to Noosa Heads and meets up with NoosaSurfWorks and Laguna Bay Shaper/Owner Tully St John and Long-boarder Dane Wilson.
From there he travels to the Gold Coast and scores some waves at Kirra with Laguna Bay team rider,Queensland State Champion and Australian Longboard Champ,Jackson Close.
Also making a cameo appearance is Candice Appleby and Japanese legend Tatsumi Kawai surfing at Kingscliffe. 

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woensdag, 27 maart 2013 07:19

Marshall Islands

Knappe actie van op de Marschall eilanden, een gevaarlijke reef break en holle golven de ingrediënten voor een spannende SUP sessie... bekijk de video hieronder.

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dinsdag, 26 maart 2013 00:00

Crowded but...

Een drukke surfspot en één SUPer er tussen.... check it out.

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donderdag, 21 maart 2013 13:26

Hoe Golven nemen ?

Enkele tips voor wie wil starten met SUPen in de golven en de techniek nog niet volledig onder de knie heeft. Met onderstaande tips, van de Zen Waterman site, zal je al een heel eind verder komen....


ou were probably wondering when I would finally get around to how to catch and surf waves on a SUP.  Ideally, everyone would learn the basics first before even attempting to go into the surf to catch waves.  Unfortunately many head straight into the surf without basic skills and little knowledge of surfing etiquette.  I hope you are not one of them.  Please make sure you have a good grasp of all the basic skills covered in the first 6 technique posts and knowledge of surfing etiquette before even thinking about catching waves, especially if there are others in the waves with you.

For a pretty good summary of SUP etiquette, check out: http://www.supright.com

I worked with a class from Hawaii Pacific College that made these videos as part of their business school projects.

This first one is about how to catch a wave and how you want to approach the wave differently when you are Stand Up Paddling than when you are surfing without a paddle:

This video is about switching your stance from parallel stance to surf stance as you are catching the wave:

This video is about how to use your paddle on the wave for balance and turning:

Thanks for watching.  Again, please remember to make sure you first master the basic concepts of SUP before attempting to go into the surf zone:

Links to the paddle technique series posts:
Paddle Technique Part 0: Introduction to SUP
Paddle Technique Part 1: Choosing the Right Paddle
Paddle Technique Part 2: The Three Ingredients of a Powerful Stroke
Paddle Technique Part 3: Stacking the Shoulders
Paddle Technique Part 4: Reach and Catch
Paddle Technique Part 5: Recovery, Paddle Length and Grip

Paddle Technique Part 6: Turning the Board
Paddle Technique Part 7: Catching Waves

Robert Stehlik

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dinsdag, 19 maart 2013 11:55

Keahi de Aboitiz @ Home 2013

Knappe wave, barrel, actie van Keahi de Aboitiz op z'n home spot met z'n JP Australia board, op het iSUP.be event ( 4/5 mei @ Twins Club ) zal je alle JP boards kunnen bekijken en testen. Enjoy!


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dinsdag, 05 maart 2013 07:30

Vilayta SUP 2013_Left&Rights

Canary Islands provide all sort of conditions in winter.... Taking advantage of this, I went for a trip with team rider Iballa Moreno to one of those remote islands.....
Riding Starboard 7,4x26
Riders: Vilayta Bajamar & Iballa Moreno
Location: Canary Islands

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