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vrijdag, 10 maart 2017 15:30

Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog

... SUPBOARDMAG heeft een video gemaakt die hun eerste stappen op de NAish Malolo Foil beschrijft.... volhouden!. Mijn  WAVE SUP Foil setje van F-One is onderweg... binnenkort zelf proberen.


Following on from the boat tow session and the downwind session with the Naish Malolo, Will and Reuben from SUPboarder went off in search of waves to give their first SUP surf foil session a go. The conditions were far from perfect on the day due to high winds but they found a small waist to chest high swell to get up on the foil for the first time. From zero to definitely not hero, Will found riding the foil in surf challenging, but the progression was quite quick. We hope you find the video blog of his first SUP surf foil session interesting, educational and a good laugh!

Reuben said : I was filming today and I really enjoyed watching (and laughing! ) But it does make you realise how safety conscious you have to be with a foil in the surf, with or without others in the line up. We went to a very quiet beach and the 3 surfers that were out knew what we were doing (and they enjoyed the laughs too). Most of the time Will was on his own peak well away from others, as you can see in the vid. A helmet is essential especially when in windy conditions. These foils are amazing pieces of kit but they need to be used with caution. You don't need big waves, but as Will found out, foot placement is paramount! Watching the nailings from the beach was just as much fun as watching him get up on the foil for the first time. Sorry for the shaky camera, it's hard to hold the camera steady when you are crying so much!! :-).

Watch the Naish Malolo Foil VIDEO blog – # 1 First downwinding session https://www.supboardermag.com/2017/02...

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donderdag, 05 januari 2017 08:47

Jimmy Lewis Foil Board Prototype Testing

Jimmy Lewis is bezig met het ontwikkelen van een board die ook gebruikt kan worden met een foil van Go Foil, het is niet meer te stoppen. Wie wordt bij ons de eerste...


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dinsdag, 13 december 2016 17:36


Knappe video van Laird Hamilton op z'n SUPFoil, enjoy the ride:



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vrijdag, 28 oktober 2016 10:21

Laird Hamilton en SUP foil

Laird Hamilton in actie op een SUP Foil, stijlvol zoals altijd...

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donderdag, 22 september 2016 07:14


Kitefoil, Supfoil, Windfoil… F-One heeft voor alle diciplines de juiste foils en boards.


Enter the world of foiling and discover the F-ONE range developed to make you fly above the water whatever your discipline.  Get ready to get some Air!

WARNING: Foiling can be very addictive, don’t start practicing unless you are ready to fall in love with a new sensation!

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donderdag, 21 juli 2016 17:27

F-One Foil website online

ENTER THE NEW ERA OF FOILING!!! F-One heeft een 100% foil website online, check de niuewe SUP foils...


Discover our NEW WEBSITE 100% dedicated to KITEFOIL - WINDFOIL and SUPFOIL!


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dinsdag, 19 juli 2016 10:15

Stand Up Paddle FOIL Surfing in Hawaii

SUPFoil actie, de trend is niet meer te stoppen...

Zane Schweitzer test's out some new equipment with Jeffery & Finn Spencer right at home.
Starboard SUP & GOFOIL have teamed unto create the innovative and futuristic surf craft on the planet!

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F-One heeft voor 2017 een complete reeks SUPfoil boards and foils klaar, hun ruime ervaring in KITEfoils was de ideale basis specifieke SUP foils te ontwikkelen. Er komt een Wave, Allround en RAce board uit die uitgerust kunnne worden met een 75cm mast en een eigen specifieke vleugel varieerend tussen 1000 en 9000.

Meer info kan je hier vinden: http://bayareakitesurf.com/2016/06/30/introducing-f-one-sup-foil-the-foiling-revolution-is-marching-on/


SupFoil Boards:

1- PAPENOO – Convertible SupFoil Boards 7’7 & 7’11

2- MAGIC – Dedicated Surfing SupFoil boards 8’6 & 9’6

3- OCEAN – Dedicated Downwind Racing SupFoil board 10′



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Naish komt dit najaar uit met een eigen Hydrofoil specifiek voor SUP en een specifiek board ( 10'4 ) voor gebruik op zee - downwind:


Meer info hier: http://www.naishsurfing.com/2017-malolo-sup-foilboard-hydrofoil/


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zondag, 01 mei 2016 08:36

Kai Lenny SUP Downwind Hydro foiling

Flying downwind with the Malolos (Flying Fish). My perspective of the ocean has been changed completely. SUP Hydro foiling downwind is the future! A huge thanks to Alex Aguera at Go Foil, and Naish for making this dream a reality.

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